Lost Crates!

Our crates have chosen to run away from home. They must be sad and lonely. Please help them find their way home, we miss them.

If you have found yourself in possession of any of our crates, we would like them back. No hard feelings, just bring them along on your next trip to the farm.

Please leave all returned crates beside the customer pick-up area.

Thank you for your help in returning our crates to the farm!


Christmas and New Years hours.

Holiday greetings to all!

It has been an interesting year for most of us, what with the nearly ceaseless rain, but I believe we’ve all made the best of it. It seems the weather has cleared up recently for some of you to get in a few last-minute jobs.

Anyway, Christmas and the new year are upon us once more. We will be closed on Christmas Eve, December 24, and Christmas Day, December 25. We’ll be back in the office on Wednesday, December 26. We will also be closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We’ll be back in the office on January 2.

Have a blessed Christmas,

Mountain Spring Nursery, LLC staff

Hours cut back for winter

Greetings to you!

Mountain Spring Nursery, LLC will be cutting hours back effective Monday, November 26. New winter hours will be 7:30a to 4:00p Monday through Friday, Saturdays by appointment. We wish you all a happy holiday season.


Mountain Spring Nursery, LLC staff

Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Hello from the staff at Mountain Spring Nursery! Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday will be here next week, and we will be closed in observance. If you need to pick some plants up on Friday, November 23, please call ahead to (717) 336-0833 and make an appointment. Otherwise, we will be back in the office on Monday, November 26.

Have a blessed holiday,

Mountain Spring Nursery, LLC staff

Weekend hours changing.

Hello to all our customers! We hope you all have had a good season in spite of the nearly endless rain. At the very least, irrigation hasn’t been a problem.

We will be changing our Saturday hours to appointment only after October 27, the last Saturday of October. Monday through Friday hours will remain the same: 7:00a to 5:00p.


Mountain Spring Nursery, LLC staff

Price increase

Our prices for #1 container size perennials have increased from $3.50 to $5.00. Please make note of this change. If you have any questions, please contact us via phone call at 717-336-0833 or email at sales@mountainspringnursery.com.