New website ordering!

Greetings to everyone! The 2018 season is heating up and we are busy with receiving shipments and filling orders. We have a new ordering system online under the inventory tab on the website, as some of you may have discovered already. Initially, we had a bug or two with the system, but I believe we squashed them all. Some of you will have received an email about the new system with a link to set your account password. If you have not, just give us a call, and we'll get you on your way in a few minutes. When you need plants from us, you can search and make a list by adding items to the cart. That list is sent to us with whatever notes you may have on it, whether it be plants you need the next day or pricing for a bid, and we will send back a list of what we can supply. We believe the new system will facilitate you in getting requests for quotes and orders to us. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Mountain Spring Nursery, LLC staff